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We, at Benihana Inc. (“Company” or “we” or “us”) are always striving to make your experience at our restaurants unique, memorable, and as enjoyable as possible. As part of those efforts, we offer our guests a gift certificate ranging from $20 to $30 for guests who sign up at our restaurant or register online with our Company. Guests who sign up or register with Benihana, Samurai, or HARU will receive a $30 gift certificate during the month of their birthday. Guests who sign up or register with RA Sushi will receive a $20 gift certificate during the month of their birthday and half birthday.

Identifiers: name, address, email address, birthdate, gender, phone number.

Preference information: your preferred restaurant location, frequency of visit, meal time, and meal and beverage type.

The personal information we collect will be used to send personalized marketing communications to you. We will tailor our communications so that you receive news about promotions and events that are relevant to you and specific to your preferences. In addition, by letting us know of your preferred restaurant location, we can inform you of special events and classes happening at that location.

We have estimated the value of your registration with us as $30 annually for our Benihana, Samurai, or HARU restaurants and $20 biannually for our RA Sushi restaurants. These amounts equal the average cost of a meal to guests at our respective restaurants. Our goal is to help celebrate your birthday by paying for your meal.

To opt-in to participate in this program, you can submit your information by CLICKING HERE, or in person at any of our restaurants.

To Opt-Out: This is a voluntary program. You may withdraw from this financial incentive program at any time by contacting us as follow:

Via telephone at: 833-516-0018

Via email at: